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Welcome to Brubaker Developers, the experts in agricultural and livestock fencing in Billings, Montana and beyond.  In addition to building fences of every kind, we also offer excavation and demolition services, including cattle guard installation, ditch grubbing, and general dirt removal services.  We're full service fencing experts, offering everything from the building of stockyards and cattle chutes, to mile-long installation of multi-strand barbed or plain wire fences.  We also build custom steel fencing, including sheet metal privacy fences and  welded pipe fences for sturdier enclosures and boundary fences.  Additional types of fencing we've built have included several varieties of wooden fence; permanent electric fence; chain link fence; wire gates; welded steel corrals and working pens; wildlife resistant fence and gates, and security fencing around valuable properties.  For every fencing need, we craft a handsome, tough, and long-lasting solution at modest cost to our valued clients.

Need help choosing the proper fence to install around your home or property?  At Brubaker Developers, we take time to understand your wishes for your property, and based on our years of experience in the industry, we can help you make the crucial decision on what style of fencing to select.  We've built many different styles of fencing in Billings, and we're known for our quality and skilled workmanship throughout the industry.  We stand behind every fence we build with our promise of quality and assurance of your ultimate satisfaction at job completion.

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Everyone's needs are different when it comes to getting a fence installed on their property.  Families with backyard pools and roads passing near the house often desire a tall wooden stockade or picket fence to maintain a level of privacy in the home.  Businesses who seek to secure their equipment, or simply to establish a property boundary, tend to favor the strong presence and durable construction of a tall chain link barrier.  Horse owners require a fence that is both strong and safe for the animals, therefore generally seeking something like a post and board fence to create a visible as well as physical barrier for these high-spirited creatures.  And lastly, farmers and ranchers, as so many of our neighbors are in Montana, may need several different styles of fencing erected on their lands, from barbed or electric wire fences, to welded steel cattle yards and corrals.  Our years of experience in the fence construction industry have allowed us to become highly proficient in the design and installation of practically every variety of fencing that there is.  As ranchers ourselves, we know intimately the many hazards and difficulties of raising animals and crops in this beautiful but harsh state.  We offer our services at highly cost-effective rates, and guarantee integrity in both our dealings with our customers, and the quality of our final product.  From start to finish of every project, you as our customer can expect your wishes and your properties to be treated with care, consideration, and great communication.

As you can see above, our quality shines through in every aspect of our work.  These are just a tiny sample of the scope of work we're accustomed to performing.  We specialize in fence construction, but also handle all types of heavy equipment work, namely excavating, bulldozing, and structure demolition.  We're owned by Montanans and employ the same.  Our growing company has taken on projects from Helena, to Bozeman, all the way over to Baker and up to Great Falls.  Give us a call today, or fill out the form below to get us going on improving your properties. 

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Our goal through any of our services is to add immense value to your property. We are honored to work with what we feel are some of the finest folks around.


"We had the pleasure of working with Brubaker Developers, LLC during the Fall of 2019. Jason and his staff replaced three quarters of a mile of fence on our ranch in an area of steep, rugged terrain. They did an outstanding job and were great to work with; they delivered as promised. Their services are conducted in a professional and timely manner, and Jason makes a point of communicating effectively to keep the customer informed."

David Patterson, Boyd, MT

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